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Hi All,

I have just joined the forum community, I have tried to search some answers related to my situation but hasn’t been successful so far. I hope someone would be able to help me out please

To summarize:

- I am married with no kids (Me from Pakistan; Wife from Ukraine); living in Dubai for past 6+ years
- I am an engineer and work for a multinational company as regional technical manager in Telecom sector
- My wife is basically a fashion designer and has her own small business which she operates from home only
- The company I work for has proposed me to relocate to Melbourne as regional technical manager. I have shown interest on this proposal but still don’t have the details about salary/package/conditions etc.
- Despite being so far away from rest of the world, Australia has been one of my liked places to live. Lately I had considered to live in Australia permanently too (because of my family there), so this opportunity sounds like a golden chance as company would take care of all relocation, settling down etc. My brother and sister have already been living in Melbourne for quite some years now; all Australian nationals and have kids settled down etc.
- But there is a catch; my wife has so much comfortable life in Dubai that it’s hard to say good bye; only motivation for me is to get PR followed by Australian passport
- We have lived and worked in various counties before (France, Thailand, UK & UAE); so moving was never an issue. But this latest move is looking like a very hard decision for us

My wife has some reservations:

- What are the potentials for her business as fashion designer there? (she would like to do a business setup there). In Dubai she has great potential but still we haven’t expanded it
- Spending rest of the life in Australia vs probably settling down in Thailand for example (it’s her dream place)
- Do we really need Australian passports? (my opinion is that we both can’t settle down in our own countries for various reasons so with Aussie passport we’ll at least have place which we can call home)

Personally for me the opportunity is great but I am so worried about my wife that I am having sleepless nights and unable to make a decision. We didn’t have very good experience while living in UK: job wasn’t great, life was expensive and she couldn’t work in her expertise; so that really makes us worry as Aussie life is quite similar?

On the flip side; if I don’t take this opportunity I won’t get another shot on moving to Australia and probably won’t get good professional opportunity by staying in Dubai. I would like to give her a home too; but she is not favor of having a home where we have to pay mortgage for ages (we can’t afford to buy a house in one in Australia)

I also came to know from my friend (also an Aussie passport holder after living there) that it’s possible to get PR in month or so if my company states that they need me in Australia as part of their business needs etc.?

All these questions are just eating me inside … I am hoping that may be someone else had any such situation and how it turned out?

Appreciate your help

Ok since u'll be going there without a PR, u r going with 457 visa first thing you have to realize it will take you atleast 3 year + to get the PR stamp once you are there, and then another 5 years to get citizenship so that's a total 8+ years for an Australian passport. If you get laid off before you get a PR,then you have to leave Australia.

As 457 visa you are not entitled to government benefits, you still pay tax but u don't get the benefits citizens or PR holders get so things like healthcare, schooling etc will be v expensive.

Regarding business, Dubai its easy and cheap to setup and operate business so that is comfortable for your wife, in australia business setup and operation is extremely expensive, just do some research u will be shocked at how expensive Australia is, if you thought UK was bad, then Australia cost of living will shock you. Fashion design is currently a booming market all over the world, so in Australia she may do well but she might face v stiff competition from highly qualified designers compared to Dubai.

So lets say you get a good salary package, you have to weight everything in, many people immigrate thinking that automatically their life will be better but it really depends on ur priorities. Most people immigrate because their current lives are not good due to circumstances out of their hands (such as government oppression, lack of opportunities in their home country, country ravaged by war or unable to find success in their current situation). You seem to currently be doing pretty well in Dubai, and if you are happy and your wife is very happy and successful then why make the move ?

Ofcourse in the end it is up to you, you should discuss it with your wife and calculate the benefits, i am basing my opinion on my own experiences and from experiences of people i know who immigrated to many countries all over the world. Usually the rule of thumb is if you are happy and doing pretty well in your current location for the foreseeable future, there is no reason to immigrate to another nation.
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