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Hi all,

I have read another persons post that had similar senario to me but not the same so was wanting a bit of advice.

I have just brought my UK registered vehicle over, I personally wont spend more than 28 days at a time in Spain due to work commitments however the vehicle will. Im thinking however that it would be best just to import it the vehicle and go through the ITV (again something ill require advice on). How long can the vehicle be here before I have to get this done, i know that its such a grey area and can be a pain but Spain is going to be home basically from now on and i just think that this would be the best option but wasnt sure if there was time limits etc, and also once you start the process how long does it take and is there a time limit that it has to be completed in as I will be in/out the country on and off.

Also would it be worth while hiring someone to deal with this who speaks fluent spanish who could act as a middle person for this and does anyone know of someone in the Nerja/Torrox area that would be suitable for this?

Another question is does anyone know of any motor factors (car part distributors) in the Nerja/Torrox or surrounding areas, im sure I seen a place but cant think for the life of me where, I am a mechanic by trade and do all my own repairs so would be handy to know where I can go for such things as parts/tooling etc.

All the help will be greatly received as always


are you actually going to be resident in Spain, or coming for long holidays?

that will make a difference - but either way the easy way of doing it is to use a gestor
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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