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More kidnappings

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Egyptian Bedouin in the Sinai kidnapped two Brazilian women on Sunday in the third such abduction in the peninsula this year, security officials said.

The tourists were returning from a visit to the historic monastery of St. Catherine in southern Sinai when men seized them and an Egyptian tour guide, the officials said.

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About one week ago a woman got kidnapped also here in cairo :( She and her husband was in a taxi, and they stopped only so that he would get some money from an atm-machine. The taxi just drove off with her inside and the husband hasn't seen her since. It's so horrible.

Does anybody know what happens to all these kidnapped women??
I hadn't heard about this case you mentioned.

The kidnapping of tourists by the Bedouins in Sinai usually last a few hours, then they are let go. Bedouins don't wish to harm the foreigners (so far) they are just looking for their case to be given media attention.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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