Montreal is the largest city in Quebec province, and the second-largest in the whole of Canada. This city is the largest French speaking cities all over the world, together with Kinshasa and Paris. As of 2006, there are more than one point six million residents recorded in the city proper of Montreal.

Ranked as the world’s tenth cleanest city in 2007, Montreal has a total number of 3,635,571 residents based from the 2006 census and accordingly, the number keeps on growing because more and more people are relocating in this clean Canadian City.

Montreal rests along the Island of Montreal, just at the union of the Ottawa Rivers and Saint Lawrence. The Saint Lawrence Seaway, the river gateway stretching from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean, is where Port of Montreal lies. The climate of Montreal is normally distinguished as humid continental.

Residential Places in Montreal

Downtown Montreal

This is the urban area of Montreal where you can see dozens of famous skyscrapers are located. If you plan to stay in downtown Montreal because you want to get closer to urban life, condominiums and apartments are what you will mostly find in downtown Montreal. Living in this vicinity allows you to see the most stunning places in Montreal, a perfect way to really experience a luxurious life, the Montreal-way.

Underground Montreal

Downtown Montreal extends towards Underground Montreal. This is actually a set of levels for pedestrians, who were built to cross under the streets, thus connecting buildings from one another. Known as the indoor city, Underground Montreal connects hotels, shopping malls, museums, offices, universities, and seven metro stations.

There are properties in underground Montreal that can possibly become your home, but, typically, they are apartments and condominiums. These are actually the most common residential properties if you are living in the heart of Montreal where the life is fast-paced, and every second counts.

Villages, Subdivisions, etc

These make perfect residential places for those people who prefer to live a life away from the city. There are different exclusive subdivisions and villages in Montreal that provide the best experiences in home living. Most of the people living in this residential places can tell just how relaxing and comfortable living away from the urban life is. However, if you are to prefer this type of residency, make sure you are aware that in most instances, you and your family will be away from school, from the malls, and other important establishments that you can only find in big cities such is Montreal.

Hospitals and Universities in Montreal

Considering the fact that many people are contemplating about relocating in Montreal, the health care system and the education system in Montreal has one of the best standards all over Canada. Montreal is also famous for their medical practitioners who studied in top medical schools all across the globe. Their medical staffs as well, are highly educated and trained to meet the highest standards in the Montreal medical industry. Their highly sophisticated medical equipments, plus modern hospital facilities, make the medical system in Montreal one of the finest in the world.

As for its education system, Montreal is home to six top universities and twelve other junior colleges. There are English-language secondary and elementary public schools that are operated and run by the English Montreal School Board, together with the Lester B. Pearson school board. The French-language secondary and elementary public schools are run by the Commission scolaire de Montreal, the Commission scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys, and Commission scolaire Pointe-de-I’lle.

Expatriates should also know that Quebec’s education system is quite different from all the other education systems in Northern America. Just between the secondary and university levels, CEGEP is added. This additional college level is basically a preparatory and technical school that allows students to obtain technical diplomas and specializations.

Commercial Places in Montreal

St. Catherine Street

This is the primary commercial area of Montreal, Quebec. This central business district crosses from west to east, starting at De Maisonneuve and Claremont Avenue in Westmont, crossing the Ville-Marie borough, before finally ending in Notre Dame Street East in the boroughs of Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneve.

This street is home to Montreal’s four biggest department stores such as Eaton’s, Simpson’s, Morgan’s and Ogilvy’s. Out of the four department stores, only Ogilvy’s remains. But then, the street has remained a shopping mecca, with a number of major retailers putting up large stores. Retailers include the Hudson Bay Company, La Maison Simons, Les Ailes de la Mode, and a whole lot more.

Restaurants and Montreal Cuisines

Montreal’s top restaurants offer Italian, Greek, Jewish, and Portuguese cuisines that were great sources of this city’s delicatessens. The contributions of Jewish culinary have made Montreal the best producer of smoked meat sandwiches, as well as Montreal style bagels. Equally-sumptuous Japanese sushi and Lebanese falafels have also become appreciated Montreal cuisines. With the great contributions from different culinary treats all over the world, no wonder Montreal is deemed as one of the cities all around the world with the most number of restaurants.


Montreal holds its reputation as one of the ‘sin cities’ in Northern America with unparalleled nightlife. Its bustling nightlife can go as late as three in the morning, and many of the restaurants and clubs open up to the wee hours in the Morning. And because Montreal is home to top Canadian universities, the large population of the universities, plus the most excellent public transport system providing networks of night buses every fifteen minutes, combing every aspect of Montreal to make its night life unique and one of its very kind.

Service Establishments in Montreal

Montreal has wide options in terms of telecommunication firms, Internet service providers, and some other important service establishments. And because this city is highly urbanized, expect the best services that the city can offer. One firm is A Bell Tolls, a long distance and telecommunications firm that also provides cellular phone services.

Embassies in Montreal

Most of the embassies from all over the world are found in Montreal. Expatriates and tourists alike will not worry much about locating their local embassy.

With the most sumptuous cuisines, the best nightlife, and the friendliest people, Montreal is one place you can certainly enjoy.