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Dear Sir, I go to Dubai on 3 month visit find a job as accountant with a construction company on 15 days trial, they give me offer letter i worked with them after completion of 15 days trial they accept me but they took my trial, my responsibilities were time keeping of labor & co. staff and material arrangement from main contractor on site after 15 days trial they accept me, but they were not ready to put me as accountant, i asked them to put me as accountant as per offer letter bcz u people hire me as accountant. the owner become angry and said ok thank hand over all the thing to specified person i handed over all the this thing to specified person and left the job. they pay me for days i worked with them. i find another job before visit expiry in RAK.

New company go MOL to get my approval but MOL said this person already have approval with another company, give us cancel paper from that company then we would be able to give you approval of this candidate. New company called me give this cancellation, immediately i called in construction company request for cancellation after 3 days promise they said we have to put visa as of another candidate inplace of you, bcz this cancellation we will lost all other qouta approved bcz u got mol approval then your visa was in process in immigration and immediately after process we stopped due to our owner instruction.

I follow the new company when i was on visit they did not cancelled then on visit expiry i came to Pakistan i called the many times they daily promising me we will do today but not yet cancelled even my fried go to office and put hand on your foot pls cancel me. until now they did not cancel me. Now they saying our PRO only can do the cancel but he is on annual leave they also not confirming his come back date.

sir. Please advise me what i can do bcz my new job is on stake new company calling tell us final decision.

your early response shall be appreciated
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