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Hi All

This is regarding number of points that am eligible for. Please confirm if my below calculation is right.

Age - 25 (am below 34)
Skills - 60 (ACS CISSP Professional)
Work exp: 10
IELTS: 15 (got 6.5 avg with L-6,R-6,W-6.5 & S-7.5)

TOTAL - 125

what would be the success rate for above points?

i have finished my ACS skill assessment as CISSP Professional.
I have applied for victoria state sponsorship. Please advice me if it is ok to apply for 175 now and later to convert to 176 in case i get the sponsorship.


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Hi Raju,

I'm not a moderator but I would like to give an advice :)

For these concern, I tried an ONLINE ASSESSMENT, an evaluation result indicates that if you are NOT ELIGIBLE (I tried for Skilled Visa). There are some questions to be answer to determine what visas you can apply for that will allow you to live in Australia.

[Link removed by moderator]

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Hi Patricia,

I removed your link since there is a visa wizard available on the DIAC website. Since DIAC are the governing body is makes more sense to send people to the official websites rather than visa company sites (who sites may or may not be up to date).

A link to the wizard can be found in the 'PLEASE READ....' sticky thread at the top of the forum.

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