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Honestly, I would ask the French consulate what they want you to do. Not sure how much of a hassle it will be if your one child gets the visa in his or her "other" passport - depends on a couple of things, but in any event it would probably require carrying two passports for some period of time at the beginning or end of your trip.

If s/he can have the visa put in the "other" passport, s/he will still need a US passport to return to the US. Also, the question could arise on entry to Switzerland or France as to why one member of the family is on a different passport. If the Consulate is OK with putting the visa into the current US passport (despite the expiration date), then you can renew the passport while you're in France - and in those circumstances where the child needs to show a visa, you'll have to have both the old and the new passport handy. (Though in my experience, it's rare that you have to show your visa, especially for a child.)

Actually, I'd leave it up to the Consulate. (You've got the appointment on Monday - just bring both passports for the kid "just in case.")
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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