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So here's the situation.

All four of us (Husband/Wife, 2 kids) are dual citizens of USA and another country.

Wife and kids are due to get long term visas in USA passports at French Embassy on Monday.

Just discovered one kids USA passports expires 2 months BEFORE the end of our trip to France! The consulate rules clearly stated you need 3 months validity AFTER end of trip.

So one solution is 3 of us get our visas in the USA passport and one kid gets Visa in other countries passport (which expires in 2020)

We have time to get the kids USA passport renewed but it will take time and mean one more trip to the French embassy which is in a different city.

If the consulate allows it. Will this pose issues when entering the country? We will not fly directly to France but rather to a Schengen country (Switzerland) on a visitors visa and then go by train into France so the airlines will only see all our US passports.


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Honestly, I would ask the French consulate what they want you to do. Not sure how much of a hassle it will be if your one child gets the visa in his or her "other" passport - depends on a couple of things, but in any event it would probably require carrying two passports for some period of time at the beginning or end of your trip.

If s/he can have the visa put in the "other" passport, s/he will still need a US passport to return to the US. Also, the question could arise on entry to Switzerland or France as to why one member of the family is on a different passport. If the Consulate is OK with putting the visa into the current US passport (despite the expiration date), then you can renew the passport while you're in France - and in those circumstances where the child needs to show a visa, you'll have to have both the old and the new passport handy. (Though in my experience, it's rare that you have to show your visa, especially for a child.)

Actually, I'd leave it up to the Consulate. (You've got the appointment on Monday - just bring both passports for the kid "just in case.")
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