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Anyone with experience of this?

- UK male, previously resident through ex-employer, and Ukrainian-national spouse, previously resident through husband - both residence visas now cancelled;
- Him now on visitor status pending establishment of company (following which new residency will be taken);
- She doesn't qualify for visa-on-arrival, hence now on tourist visa (30 days + 30 days extension, due to expire);
- New Company will sponsor both for residency - him as employee, her as partner - but still in process of being established;
- She needs to be in UAE for finalisation of Company registration documents (visits to notary, signatures etc), but cannot return as a tourist without staying out of UAE for min 30 days.

Spoke to DNRD (Amer service) who advise best option is for her to return under Mission visa, applied for through Ministry of Labour (not DNRD), with following criteria:
- she must not be subject to a labour ban (she is not);
- she must be out of the country when application made (can be arranged);
- sponsor must be private LLC registered with MOL in Dubai;
- sponsor must have min AED24,000 existing guarantee with MOL (i.e. with minimum 8 employees).
- sponsor will provide invitation as temporary requirement for work in Dubai;
- MOL will issue 90 day visa (extendable for further 90 days);
- fees are around AED700 + AED3,000 deposit.
The application process can take as little as 24 hours (Inshallah). Moreover, the Mission visa will circumvent the 30-days-out-of-UAE requirement.

This seems a great option!

However ... ascertained from a quick visit to the typing centres around the MOL that such applications were not commonplace. They raised questions about the permitted category of company, the nature of work for the applicant, the qualifications, nationality and sex of the applicant... However, a call to the MOL helpline suggested these are all spurious concerns.

Intend to expedite this on Monday morning when MOL are next open.

Can't find much up-to-date validatory information on the web, so any experiences would be appreciated.

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