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Apologies if this topic is already covered elsewhere on this forum.

I am an Indian looking to migrate to Australia, and need help figuring out my eligibility to apply for PR. Am also not sure yet which Visa type I should apply for - just starting out. Thanks in advance for any help.

- Undergrad in Computer Science Engineering in India
- Post-grad Diploma in Management in India

- 2 years 11 months at an IT firm in India (with 13 months of onsite experience in US, if that counts for anything)
- 3 years 2 months (and counting) at a top-tier management consulting firm (MBB firm)

IELTS score:
Listening: 9
Reading: 9
Writing: 7.5
Speaking: 7 :)-()

Overall: 8

My fear is that my IELTS score is too low + my Management Consulting Experience does not seem to be included in the list of skills for PR application.

Again, appreciate any help you could suggest.

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Hi f2003143,

the stickies at the top of the forum are a good place to start:

The DIBP website also has a visa wizard that will spit out loads of options - you'll have to do some reading to find out if you qualify or not, though. The most common work visa types are the 457 (= temporary work visa, sponsored by an employer) and the 189/190 (= permanent visa for skilled migrants, the 190 subclass requires a state sponsor).

For the 189/190 category you will also have to pass a points test, which is based on your English skills, work experience etc. If you could push your IELTS score and get a minimum of 8 in all bands that would be a huge gain in points (= 20 points). You'll need to figure out how many points you can get for work experience/education and get your skills assessed as well. The Australian Computer Society (ACS) provides skills assessment for all ICT professionals. Have a look at their homepage and in particular the ACS Skills Assessment Guidelines.
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