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Me and my partner are looking in to moving over to OZ to live and work. She's a qualified midwife for 2 years now and has a bachelor degree. I am simply her partner and I have MS so im a little worried this could cause a problem.

I have spoken to a company and gave them details I was just wondering if it's normal for them to charge a fee of around £1800 plus vat to deal with our application. Obviously this is on top of the other costs involved.

We have saved money as we know its going to cost us but im basically wondering if anyone knows how much it should roughly cost us as a couple to go through the process. The guy also said because of my MS we could do the visa for my partner and get her accepted then add me on at the end and in his words "trick the government" this raised concerns.

I was also wondering if it's possible due to the high demand for midwives to contact hospitals etc to act as a sponsor for this. We are in early stages and ideally would be looking at going to Brisbane just looking for the best way to do this so any suggestions or recommendations would be great.

Thanks in advance.
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