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Accountants SkillSelect - Update 85 points issue

After alerts from the MIA last week regarding the implausible jump in the invitation score for accountants from 75 to 85 points, the Department has informed the MIA that it will be manually processing EOI submitted by accountant applicants until the issue is resolved.

The following message has also been posted to the SkillSelect system:

Posted on: 3/10/2017 at 17:00

Due to a technical issue no invitations will be issued to accounting professions in the round of 4/10/2017. Invitations to accounting professions will be issued on resolution of the issue and the delay will not affect overall numbers.

Any MIA members with clients who will be adversely impacted by the delay in the process, eg client turning 45, should contact the MIA for assistance at [email protected] with a brief description of your client's issue.
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