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Mexican American Thinking of moving to Guadalajara

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Where to start....... well, I was born in California and lived here most of my life, but spent summers in Guadalajara (well Tlaquepaque). Currently I've grown pretty fed up with the hamster wheel I seem to be stuck in and the high cost of living of California and I am seriously considering moving to Tlaquepaque. My parents have homes where I can live free of charge and I am eligible to obtain double citizenship, I am a college grad (psychology major), and speak both English and Spanish (female 25yrs old). Realistically what kind of jobs can I obtain and how much income do I need to bring in to be able to live comfortably?
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There isn't a lot of jobs in psychology in Mexico, but the fact that you studied in the states might give you an edge. It depends on which school you went to and where you apply.

You could always try to go into teaching though.
Actually I feel there is a demand for psychologists equal to Canada or the US in Mexico.
People in Mexico are less likely to go see a psychologist or psychiatrist.

There are people in every country with a need that would involve the mental health professions, I would imagine.
Sure, people have the same basic human needs, that doesn't mean they meet them though.

I was wondering why you think there might not be. My sister in law is a psychiatrist and tells me things about her profession in Mexico sometimes.
Just like in the US, the job market is not that great, specially for people with psychology degrees. There is a lot of unemployed and underemployed graduates in either side of the border.

Teaching and nursing here are two of the lower paid professions, especially compared to Canada and the US.
Almost all (if not all) jobs in Mexico pay lower than in Canada and the US, but any job is better than no job when you're trying to make money. Besides, not all teachers have it that bad.
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