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meeting people

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Hi, I am a 26 year old Scottish girl, I moved to Perth 3 weeks ago, just would like to hear from any other ex pats to share experience with and new friends are always good!!! :)
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Hi lyn

welcome to the forum. i amyet to move to ausytralia so cant really help on perth front :) i am sure you will find others in teh same boat as you
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*NOTE* The above is NOT for lyn1983.

Welcome to the forum lyn1983. We have a separate section of the forum for social messages:

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[something which moderators should know anyways :rolleyes: :rolleyes:]. prettykitty is moving to Perth as well. You can try contacting her through this thread:


OR post a few messages and then send her a private message.

In general, you will find that you will be most successful in making friends either through the usual methods of joining activity groups/going out for jogging or sports/networking OR you need to spend some time on a new forum, read people's posts and find out what they REALLY ARE all about. In any case, I personally am NOT a big fan of making online friends ALTHOUGH some of my BESTEST friends have been made online. It's just risky business see? And it's just a tad bit less risky for me since I am a guy. Hope this helps a lot!!!!!!!!
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Hi Lyn

I'm 27 and have just moved to Perth from England last week. I would love to meet new people in the same boat, I know you've been here a while but hopefully you're still keen to meet people?

Hope to hear from you
Hey , I'm also form Scotland moving to oz in Jan but I'm heading to Sydney .... If your ever on my new neck of the woods give me a shout x
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