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I am planning to do MBA -Specilization in ERP from victoria university.
My background is
BE -Pune University - Printing Engineering (non ICT) -2001 Passout
SAP Certification - SAP Sales and Distribution - 2007 Aug
Total Experience - 7.4 Yrs
Sales and tech Services-Domain / Non IT experience - 5.6Yrs
SAP Experience - 1.8Yrs
I would like to know -
1. How is this MBA -Specialization ERP from Job prospects pint of view?
2. After completing MBA with my experience will I have an advantage for gettting a Job?
3. If I complete MBA by 2012, i will be 33Yrs, will age become bit problematic for getting PR?
My wife has following backgroud-
BE -Pune University - Printing Engineering (non ICT)-2000 Passout
SAP Certification - SAP Production Planning- 2006 Sept
Total Experience - 8.7 Yrs
Sales and tech Services-Domain / Non IT experience - 6Yrs
SAP Experience - 2.7Yrs
If she comes as a dependant on my student visa
1. How many hours she will be eligible to work?
2. Will she get a job in SAP field with her expereince?
3. what are the starting packages in SAP field? Just if any one has idea.

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hi P

welcome to the forum.

u get points for your age as well, if u are below 30 you get extra points. have u checked how many points u have right now? for 175 u need 120 points to apply.

your wife would be a dependent and can work full time. no work related restrictions.

for the rest of your questions on job, I suggest you see the sticky threads. there are job portals in the helpful websites/links thread, search for job in your field, that will give u a fair idea about positions, required experience and salary scale.

For salary scale u can also google hays, australia, they have an salary guide which again will give u a rough idea.

hope this helps.

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