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As the title has stated, MASSIVE numbers of applicants with 70+ score in the previous two rounds. I have been looking at these data.

Score distribution in June 2017 looks normal


but July 2017 ????


Whats going on?

12 July 2017 round results
26 July 2017 round results
The pro-rata skills were closed in the June invite, so lower number of high scorers. Still there's useful information in there. It shows that there were roughly 85 invites at 70+ points. That exhausted those point queues, so represent the EOIs filed at that score for the two weeks prior.

Adding up the pro-rata invites for the July rounds gives 966 for each. It's easy to see why the problems are mounting for non-pro-rata. Although the allocation for some of the pro-rata is not getting used up, because they intersect with the EOIs of the non pro rata, they dwarf the non pro rata at this point total: a single skill has an allocation equivalent to the non pro rata skills added up at 70 points... current policy is not working. 95% of invites are going to a handful of skills: accountants, ITers and a couple of engineers. They were struggling to attract a spread of skills anyway; they've pretty much choked it off with the 1000 invites policy.
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