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Hello everybody!

Since my Scottish fiancé is not able yet to provide the financial requirement for Fiancé visa (the six pay slips), we've decided to get married on a visitor visa. Once we've gathered everything we need to the spouse visa, I'll come back to Brazil and apply for it.

So, I have been researching the forum about what we need for the Marriage Visitor Visa and I have some concerns and I was hoping you could help me with that. As you can see, my plan is to stay in Scotland with my fiancé, however, for the time being we must say that is not the plan, not for now, for the Visitor visa. I don't plan to be an overstayer, not at all, I want to do it all right.

So, it's based on three items, basically: proof of the wedding, financial qualifications and showing that you have strong ties to your country of origin.

Proof of the wedding: My fiancé has booked the wedding and we have a confirmation of it. I'll also attach some photos of us and copies of previous flight tickets to prove that we have met before;

Financial requirements: Here I began to have so many questions:
- How much money would I need?
- Is the visa always a six months stamp? (asking for a shorter period might reduce the amount of money needed?)
- My parents gave me money as a wedding present, it's a transference straight from their account. The things is, it's hasn't been on my account for six months. Would that be a problem? I will attach a letter from them stating that the money is a wedding gift.
- I've also received a tax refund. It does say so on my balance. Should I attach any other paper to confirm that that was a tax refund?
- Can I be sponsored? I was thinking that my mother-in-law could sponsor me, as she has a very stable financial situation (much more stable than my fiancé). What would she need to send me to be a sponsor? I'm asking this because I really worry that they might consider my money not to be enough and I'd really like to be there for six months.

And then: strong ties to my country. Which I don't really have and it's a big concern of mine :( . I've recently quit my job, however, I was thinking about just adding my last six pay slips to it, since it's so recent. But I'm not the kind of person who would lie to the immigration, so I worry about doing that.
I thought I could add a letter from my former employer saying that they are waiting for my return and that I also qualify to open a branch of my own (I worked on a franchise company). They can also add to the letter that my fiancé has been offered a job last year in my company, having qualified on their training (none of this is a lie). Would that be enough of a tie?

Sorry for the loooong message and I hope you could help me. As you all know, it's such a difficult situation to be apart from your loved one and being confused by the UKBA website. It's so confusing in there! :confused:

Thanks a lot! I hope that in the future I can help too.

Cheers! :)
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