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My partner and I are planning to get married around dec-2017. I'm soon going to apply for my UK marriage visit visa and have a brief stay for 2 months.
I'm an Indian citizen, currently employed and committed to my job entitled here. My partner is a British citizen & has been living in the UK for last 45 years now.

At present I intend to get married in UK and return to India for my job (need to cater to my duties that I'm committed to till April 2018). Once I get married, & on my return to India, I'll begin to prepare for my family (spousal) visa application and then join my partner (the then husband) in UK.

I want some of you to run through my checklist and be sure that I'm not missing out on any crucial evidences.

1 Application Form
2 My Passport
3 Cover Letter
4 Checklist / Sequence of evidences attached
5 My Employment status
  • Employment Letter
  • Leave Letter
  • Salary statements of last 1 year
  • Salary slips of last 1
6 My Financial docs
  • income tax filed IT return papers for last 3 yrs
  • my Bank statements (6 months)
  • my Savings: certificates, fixed deposits, provident fund
    7 Proof of Intent to Marry
    • Inquiry emails to Leicester Registry Office
    • Leicester registry office website (proof that one can't give notice to marry until not present in UK)
    • Inquiry Email to UKVI
    • Venue Booking Inquiry
    8 Proof of genuine relationship
    • WhatsApp chat: month-wise summary
    • My partner's passport immigration stamps
    • Flight bookings/ boarding pass (my partner's visits to India ): Nov 2016 & July 2017
    • Flight bookings (my previous visits to uk): Jan 2017 & May 2017
    • Hotel bookings to the places we traveled together
    • Restaurant bills; UK & India

    The gov.uk site says that I need to show proof of intent to marry by showing notice to marry or registry booking.
    However, on inquiring registry office in UK, they said that I can't give notice until I am not physically present at least for 7-8 days before giving notice to intent to marry. My partner & I've to be there in person to give notice. I've their email as a proof stating the same.
    Further, I can't do venue booking for the wedding. I can only pay a non-refundable deposit for making a provisional booking. Will this be accepted as a strong proof?

    Do I need to show any evidences of my partner? For this short trip, I'm self sufficient with my funds, I will do my own accommodation booking during my stay. I'm in no way financially depended on my partner.

    What else can I show to make my application strong and genuine. My partner and I want to do the right thing and show genuine evidences.
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