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Marketing and Advertising jobs for foreigners?

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I am new to Thailand so I thought I would reach out. I have just completed my MBA in Australia, but am originally from the United States. I have 3 years of marketing experience and have relocated to Bangkok to find work in marketing and advertising.

I wanted to know how open foreign/thai companies are to hiring foreign workers for their positions? How hard it would be to get a work permit? Any other advice on how to go about obtaining a position would be very helpful

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With what type of visa did you enter Thailand? You are going to need to be on a 'B' visa.

Companies are willing to hire foreigners, however the easier you make it for them to hire you the better your chances are.
I entered visa on a multiple-entry non-immigrant "o" visa for 90 days. How hard, will it be to switch to a b visa and what documents do I need to show?

I have been mainly looking at jobsdb, jobstreet and the bangkok post for jobs at the moment
Non o, do you have a Thai spouse? If you do Thai immigration will usually allow a work permit on that visa ( though not always).
I do not have a thai spouse. But my dad has been here on a retirement visa for the past four years..For a b visa, do you need an employer or could I get by since I am doing some project-based independent consulting for foreign companies in Asia Pacific?

Any other options to help make the process easier to get employment? Also, is it possible to get an o visa extended to 1 year?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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