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After much travelling and house hunting over the last year we have found one we really like in the South East of Haute Marne. It has been unoccupied for 10 months.

The village is now on mains drains and they run across the back of the house but are not connected to the house. The old tank needs removing and the pipes connecting (no more than 10ft from the house)

After much reading and most of the articles seem out of date, i would appreciate a bit of advise.

Do I need SAUR or a plumber to remove the tank and connect it all up or possibly both?

I need to go over and have a further viewing but not sure whether to meet with a plumber, SAUR inspector or corn farmer who happens to be driving past!!

The notaire has assured me the electric is a reconnection not a new supply and does not need inspection even though it was cut off earlier in the year.

I think I have everything else covered (although i'm sure something will, as it usually does, rear it's head)


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The SAUR won't help you; they deal with drinking water only.

Ask directly the competent service (assainissement / tout à l'égout) at your local Mairie (town hall).
You'll need their authorisation and the connexion must be done according to the rules and approval by the SPANC or **** or whatever they're called.

Your Mairie can recommend or sometimes oblige you to employ a contractor.
Said contractor will give you a quote depending on distance between house and sewers/drains.
Localise your house on the local urban plan (cadastre) so that the person responsable for "tout à l'égout" (drains) can easily understand what you want to do.

Know that if drains are available you are obliged to connect within a period of 2 years or pay double rates.

sources in French:

Here's an estimation of the cost par meter length to connect to sewers:

En règle générale, on estime un tarif entre 200 et 400€/m linéaire, un tarif qui englobe l’aménagement de votre terrain et le prix de la pose des canalisations pour le tout à l’égout.
Ainsi, si votre maison et la voie publique sont distancées de 10 m, prévoyez un budget total entre 2000 et 4000€.

from this web page:
Prix d'un raccordement au tout à l'égout |*Tarif & Conseil

If it's necessary to dig up the street, install temporary traffic lights, tunnel under walls etc it's going to be more expensive than just digging through a field behind your house.

Ask for a quote and then negotiate a corresponding deduction on the sale price of the house.
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