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Hello Spain and travelers,

It is a beautiful country
I took Avanza bus from Mendez Alvaro, about $57.00 U.S. and the trip was great, 11:00 AM to about 6:30 P.M. There's a rest stop half way out. Bring your own snacks and water. I stayed a Great Hostal, Hostal Agra, also known for its attached restaurant, Los Sauces, in Plaza Eugenio Fadique, 15 Euros per night, not much English spoken. But a very nice place with easy city bus connections all over.
Both of these buses and other run right through Pl.Eug. Fad..
The C-3 runs a circle route and is equivalent to a tourist bus at 1.13 Euros. A real deal. You don't have to get off or pay an additional fair from the far end, very pretty ride.
The C-1 takes you to the water front where you can catch the off/on Tourist Bus for 7.5 Euros. Boarding is directly in front of the waterfront tourist information office. There is a conveniently located Internet , phone shop just to the south. Say hello to Mohammed for me.
I found a wonderful family restaurant,Cafe-Bar Ria, on Calle Garcia Olloqui 3, Cafe-Bar Ria is family run.
Lunch was 7.5 Euros with a full bottle of wine, bread, 2 courses , dessert and coffee. It is just off the waterfront, east of the entrance to Real Club Nautico.
It is worth seeking out. Tel.986 22 50 48.
Vigo is a great little town and is actually building fishing boats on the docks, The economy looks very good there. I was there in September '09.
Enjoy the City of Vigo.

Best Regards,
David Curtin
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