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Hi There,
Great to find a forum with so many people who share the experience of moving and living abroad.

So who am I and what am I doing here?

My personal relocation experience is rather unusual. Perhaps I am the typical TCK? Not sure.
I have moved homes twenty-four times (!), and have experienced, both as a teen and as an adult, six international moves, and four re-entries.
I have been living outside my country of origin for a total of nineteen years now. And, importantly, just a few years ago I went, together with my husband and two children, through all the ups and downs of the immigration and naturalization experience, as we finally decided to make Britain our permanent home.

With this background experience, it is perhaps not surprising that I chose to devote nearly a decade of my life to conduct several studies (including my Ph.D.) on the relocation experience. What really grabbed mt attention are the social and psychological aspects of relocation (ie culture shock, social marginality, second language acquisition, bilingualism, cross cultural adaptation, etc you know what I mean...).

After completing my Ph.D., I searched for ways to make my knowledge useful to others, and to help facilitate and alleviate the challenges of relocation.

I guess I found my mission in life: to save others the agony and frustration that I have experienced in my own moves.

A few years ago, I left the research world, and went on to establish a successful company which offers relocation training and counseling services.

So basically, today I am a relocation trainer and a counselor. I work with bright, successful professional people (mainly expatriates and immigrants), preparing them and their families for their move abroad.

It is an immensly rewarding experience to work with people on the move and be able to support them during those crucial decisions and life changing actions.

(I am also a lecturer and counseler in positive psychology - but that is another story. The two areas do fit together very well though.

I am delighted to be here and I will be happy to offer my assistance to others.

For now, this is just hello and I look forward to connecting with you.
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