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Greetings Everyone,

Whilst seeking the net for assistance regarding emigration to Canada, I stumbled upon this website - which brought about some relief!

I’m a 33 year old single mum of 1 boy aged 10, planning to emigrate from South Africa to Canada. I'm working through an agency to assist in the process. I must admit though, there is so much information that I need to submit and between work, home and family, it’s just become so chaotic. I’ve used the services of an agency with the hope that I could buy some "convenience", yet I’m the one running around!

I’m feeling quite lost, slightly demotivated and nervous about the big move in my life. I know that the long term benefits far outweigh this temporary state of commotion, but it’s really taking a toll on me.

I’m currently an HR Professional with mid/ senior level experience which spans across the entire HR Spectrum. The idea is to secure a job before I physically move (if all goes well!). I was wondering in terms of HR Opportunities, is there possible employment agencies’ that I can contact to initiate this process?

Thanks in advance


Ps: sincere apologies for the lengthy background.
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