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Hi, we are interested in buying property in rural Italy (no specific area as yet) and then renovating a house on it for use as a family holiday destination and eventually retirement. Can anyone recommend good websites or agents or companies that can assist in finding a suitable property? and has anyone had any experience with getting renovations done in Italy? Many thanks!!
i used to work with property here, now retired, but can give you some general information if you wish to contact me... i would hesitate to suggest any one agency over another, i could suggest a few people within certain agencies but to be honest each property has certain inherent difficulties to my mind that even if you get someone recommended to you it does not mean to say everything will work out with that specific property.. i can give you some general pointers , maybe what to avoid, am not sure but i believe some of my posts here could already have a lot of the info that i could give.. anyway if you want to contact me feel free.. am around most mornings here.. or pm me
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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