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Hi there new to the forum..

Right, have spent some time in Oz. about 3 months in total . My wife is a Perth born girl so that should be easyish to go back.. we are married ( in Perth ) and was looking at the options to move to Oz. ( currently in the UK)

I would be interested in how I go about getting a job. I work for my self here in the UK. We have houses here in the UK so we would prob want to carry on renting them till we make a 100% choice where to live. As I am thinking it would be good to come over for 6months to a year to see how things go to be sure..

We have a place in Perth WA we can use.

So what's the scope of work for my self

I am an apprentice trained Fitter Turner.
Skills include
Welding including plastic welding , Fabrication, Machining, Fitting/rebuilding, Pumps, Basic Electrical, Basic electronics. I also have worked on trains and currently still have a safety Critical cert for working on HST's ( intercity 125's )

I own for the last 12 years an Interior Design company for Commerical and domestic. Blinds and curtains. Both making and retailing..
I worked for Fleetlands for a year on Helicopters, Water Board stripping and rebuilding pumps and looking after pumping stations for 14 years, worked for First great western in London on HST trains as part of the Exam team and also repairs..

My wife is a GM for a hotel group..

So, would I be able to find work ??

I liked Sydney over Perth but for the family Perth would work better as why move round the world to still be away from them..

any pointers..

I have a huge classic car interst and would like to ship out my classics

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Hi Mark & Jo,

Sounds like you can apply for a spouse visa Mark since Jo is from Perth.

I don't know anything about your trade but there are job links in the 'PLEASE READ...' sticky post towards the top of the forum.

Are you sure that you want to work for someone else rather than set up your own company? WA has got some pretty good websites for helping set up a business such as Small Business Development Corporation - Home page.

Importing classic cars can be a pain (for my threads on shipping a classic Ford Mustang from UK to Oz do a search on Mustang and you should find them).
You need to check the following:
- cost of shipping them to Australia
- how to get them on the road in WA

Just because cars can be imported doesn't mean that they can be allowed on the road and the laws vary between the states - that is I'm assuming that you drive your cars (which you may not do).

Check out which licences apply to the cars (if they are going to be driven) and make sure you understand them clearly. In SA to be on a historic licence the car has to be completely original even down to the paint colour!

Hope the rules on classics in WA are simpler than in SA!


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Hi there, yeah I remember looking into shipping the cars before and they were a pain to work out. I have 3 I would want to bring 2 at a push I have 10 in total. but happy to sell the others..

I had a load of info i got from a place in central Perth when I was last out there and that was abit mind bending.. my only concern with Oz is it's a mixture of UK law and US law and Ozy law making it abit of a nightmare at times..

I didn't knwo that about the paint in SA.. that's one of them out then as I painted it a different shade of green from dark green as I hated it to light green., they are 1954 and 1969 so clearly classic's. Ones in bits one is complete..

Oh they are both LHD but I know WA is ok with that.. with the general driving standards in Perth that's the least of my worries :D:D

if I am coming to a new contry then working for some one else is best certainly when your settling in. eg get to meet people and understand whats going on about the place.. Just trying to find a job suitable that is not up in the mines.. I currently work from 4.30am - 9pm for one week and then next weeK I work on my own company and then back up to London 4.30am to 9pm 10 hours working day the rest is traveling to london on the train which is mind knumbing...

as things stand for a while I would be happy to work in Bunnings!!!
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