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I hope someone can help me to find an ex pat I met in a bar in Paphos 3 years ago.

We were on holiday and the 4 of us were doing a pub quiz when a middle aged chap from the North West of England (GREATER MANCHESTER) started chatting to us. I asked him did he live in Paphos which he did. He already had a place and just moved there when he folded his business back home.

In Cyprus, he imported cars as an income. He also fit alarms for people as this was his main trade back home. I would really like to get in touch with this guy again, he indicated that as an electrical Engineer who loved their home improvements that I could definitely succeed in Cyprus working for the many ex pats who moved out there. I think that I'm at the right stage of life to give it a go and would love to find out more.

If anyone knows of a fella from the Manchester area who used to have an alarm business in the UK but now lives semi retired in Paphos, please get in touch.

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