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Hi there, first any help and/or advice would be greatly appreciated.

I don't know where to begin but I'll try to get everything I can down and give all the information you need to best advise me.

On the 15th of April(2013) I flew out to Boston to begin a 6 week internship in Media Production, after I had been intensively studying a BTEC National Award Level 3 Certificate in Creative Media Production for 3 and a half months.

Even though, Boston had gone through a horrible time during my first week,I grew to love the Bostonians so much, as they inspired me through their community spirit, their strength, their generosity (and the list could go on and on) to look inside myself and find that spirit that I had beating down and hidden away for far too long.

I moved into the home of my host family, The Cole Family, the most amazing family I have ever met. Their youngest son gave up his room for me and the other guy I had been sharing with, they let us into their home and instantly made us apart of their family, it was the first time I had ever felt the benefits of a male role model.
I love and have a lot of respect for my father but Mr.Cole give me wonderful tips and advice about life, through the stories that he told and the stupid things I had done, like trying to make a bacon sandwich while heavily intoxicated at 2am, which had for the first time laid the foundations on which I could build my life.
Mrs.Cole is quite simply just my second mother, I love her to death miss her dearly, I miss the whole family dear, everyday. That all I have to say on that, because far too emotion after writing all of that.

I met a homeless guy called Dickey, who had a infectious smile that was all to inadvertently inviting, that told me hilarious stories of his childhood, were ,him being the only boy of 6, he grew a fascination for baby dolls and strollers to the point every year he would demand that Santa would bring him one but every year he would get some un wanted action figure or sports relate toy that would break his heart.
I also met a woman Maurine, over at 'The Cornerstone Pub', who taught me everything I needed to know about South Boston, the reason it may be disrespectful to call someone a 'Southey' or to name South Boston 'Southey'. I met an old Italian lady in Malden the morning after a real late night who told me of her 3 week boat journey to America with nothing but 2 changes of clothing, a picture of her family and 65 dollars, she really inspired me.
I got talking with true gentleman call Mike who was a musician with a fear of showing his music ( people like him are the gems in the world that we look for and never find, I hope one day he surfaces at the top of the soil), He played some blues and some Jazz, the way he spoke about writing music was the same way I felt about writing jokes and short films.
I also had the opportunity to visit a Gospel Church and worship( however im not religious), that was a truly unique experience for me, the atmosphere was electrifying great, when I ten year old boy asks his parents to walk the whole way across to the opposite side of the room and give you a hug to say thank you form coming to worship, there is no greater more humbling experience. I was never that mature and warming, even right up until my very late teens.
And of course I went whale watching, the new England aquarium, the science museum and Six flags Springfield. All wonderfully fun experiences but nothing like the experience of the Bostonians experience.

My biggest problem is that I thought I missed my hometown, now that im back I have realised that I left my heart in Boston.

If you've read this far you may remember I mentioned I Studied Creative Media Production and consequently went on to an internship in Boston, more specifically I was located in Newton, MA with Newton Media Centre(New TV).
The following is an excerpt out of my CV/Resume

- Editing various projects from Alumni awards to my own personal projects for New TV.
- Directing and live vision mixing of Newton News.
- Audio, lighting, stage setup for a number of TV programmers.
- Audio for New TV Red Carpet Award Event
- Autocue for a Number of New TV Programs
- Live camera recording of a Band.
- Program Scheduling for televised viewing
- Webpage editing
- Cameraman and Acting for Multi-award, including two Emmy Award winning ‘The Folklorist’.

Giving that I graduated from this program in July, what are the possibilities of me obtaining a J1 visa to be able to come back for another year.

View attachment 10689 This is a copy of my CV/Resume, without my contact info and my referees contact info.
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