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Question regarding long term visa interview for France

We are planning to set up an interview with the French Embassy [in Washington DC] to get a long stay visa for my wife prior to moving to Grenoble after Xmas. [ I have an EU passport so do not need this]. There is a requirement to have proof of accommodation for the interview. Our intention is to have some temporary accomodation arranged and to find a house to rent permanently once we are over there.

So my question is…..will temporary accommodation meet the embassy interview requirements or does this have to be something longer/permanent?



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If you have an EU passport, you may find that the French consulate will not give your wife a long-stay visa at all. As an EU national, you have the right to have your family members "join" you in France and receive a carte de séjour based on your EU nationality. Your wife only needs to enter the country legally (i.e. on a Schengen visa - or for an American, the old stamp in the passport "visa" for tourists).

Within 3 months, she needs to apply for a carte de séjour, providing all the usual i.d. documents, proof of her marriage to you, your i.d. documents (and your EU passport) and proof of your status in France. If you're retiring there, then your pension or other source of income. If you're going to be working, then proof of that status. At this point, you'll need to provide evidence of where you are living.

Your non-EU spouse and children's residence rights in the EU - Your Europe for the EU information on this.
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