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Hi everyone,

We have recently rented a 2 bedroom 80m2 apartment in Rojales which is available from October. As we are back in the uk now we have a few questions that we hope you good people could helps us with.

Does anyone know where the local state run clinics & hospitals are please or is there a directory that i can access online giving the details?

We are liable for the electricity, water & rubbish collection charges so are the charges standard throughout Spain or are they charged differently per region? Could anyone give an idea of the charges we can expect please.

As non residents what are our options for TV/Internet given that we do not have a spanish bank account & also are there options for this service on a pro rata basis so we could turn it off when we return to the uk?

We are long time Benidorm holidaymakers but the Hen/Stag parties are ruining that for many now & we are hoping that moving to Rojales will help us to slow down a bit.

Hope somebody can help with these questions,


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