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Help we have just rented a house in murcia region for 12 months a found it has a serious drain problem the owner has been several times and just says its because the house was empty a while. We have been here one month a cannot stand the smell anymore. Can we end our contract. Will we have to pay the full years rent if we do.
as the others have said, you do sometimes get nasty niffs from the drains here

we were recently away for 3 weeks & came back to smelly bathrooms - after a couple of days I remembered to run the taps in the bidets - the water which had been 'standing' in the pipes was washed away & problem solved

as you've been there a month that's unlikely to be the problem so it would be worth having checked - but if the owner won't do anything do as jojo suggested & get someone in yourself

if you do want to move in the end you absolutely don't have to pay the whole year, & possibly not even a months notice if the place is unlivable - there's a link to the 'renter's law' in the useful links sticky thread above
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