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Long term House rental in France.

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We intend to move permanently to France. We have studied all the options except renting long term. We are a family so need stability and the usual facillities including Schools etc.

Has anyone any knowledge tip or ideas regarding renting long term in France. I would be particularly interested in company websites on the subject or indeed has anyone a house they want to rent Long term.

Many Thanks.
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If your French is up to it, check out the various information files on renting on the Particulier à particulier website: IMMOBILIER - Annonces immobilières | De Particulier à Particulier - PAP

Under "nos dossiers" there are a number of files about renting ("location").

PAP is the site for people looking to buy or rent directly from the owners, without getting an estate or rental agent involved. You may or may not want to go this route, but the dossiers on their site will give you an idea about legalities of renting in France.

Just to start you off, rental of unfurnished property is done on a 3-year lease, with annual rent increases built into the contract. (Usually rent increases are linked to a particular cost of living index.) You can break a lease with 3 months notice, or with 1 months notice under certain conditions.
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