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Well, I tried to glean information from previous threads, but I thought I would just list the requirements here in real time and see how we're doing and see if any advice is needed.

Please note: I don't see anywhere where we are asked our purpose for going or for a notarized statement of purpose. Have I missed something. Not asked for on the application form either.

Here is the list of expected information:

6. Requirements

You are required to please enclose the originals plus 1 photocopy of each document submitted with the application. You are also required to provide the documents in the order listed below and as such: original + 1 copy, original + 1 copy, and so on.

1. One application form (English version) filled out completely and signed by the applicant.
I assume one for each spouse? We plan to buy a house and car during our six month stay, and retire for the long run.

✓ 2. One ID picture glued/stapled onto the application form
I assume passport size, one for each spouse on app form for each

✓ 3. Original passport or travel document (+ ONE COPY of the identity pages). Your passport must have been issued less than 10 years ago, be lvalid for at least three months after your return to the US and have at least 2 blank visas pages left.

NA 4. Status in the US - If you are not a US citizen, copy of your green card or visa.

5. Letter promising not to engage in any employment in France (signature certified by a notary public)
One from each of us with simple statement saying "we will not engage in any employment in France, since we are coming as retirees." Anything else to add?

NA 6. Letter of employment in the US stating occupation and earnings

✓ 7. Proof of means of income - letter from the bank, investment certificates, pension slips, …
We have all that and are well within the medium level of income.

8. Proof of medical insurance
We have this in process.

✓ 9. Marriage certificate or family book + Birth certificates for children
Three embossed copies from county. I assume they return them for the OFII?

✓ 10. Proof of accommodation in France (title deeds, lease or rental agreement)
We have a six month let with Mme. Christine near Louhans, with contract.

✓ 11. Processing fees

12. One residence form duly filled out (upper part only)

Tickets purchased and paid for, September 1.

✓ 14. A self-addressed prepaid EXPRESS MAIL envelope from the US POST OFFICE ONLY - NO FEDEX / UPS / AIRBORNE EXPRESS accepted. You may use one envelope per family if you buy `flat rate`

Please do NOT stick the mailing label on the envelope and fill out as follows :

88 Kearny Street #600

Your full name

Your address

7. Important information

The consular administration has full authority to evaluate and request more documents than those submitted by the applicant.
Please be aware that submitting the aforementioned documents does not guarantee the approval of the visa.
Please note that holders of visas are still subject to immigration control upon first entry into France. The visa itself does not grant the right to enter France.

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On the visa application form, question 23 is "I request a visa for the following purpose: " and then you check one. I've never heard of anyone being asked for a notarized statement on this, but this question tends to get overlooked by many and it's not a "throw away" question.

There is also the note at the bottom of the page about visas stating that they can ask for other documentation. It's often a disconnect between how Q23 is answered and something else either on the form or in the interview that leads to them asking for further information.

But it sounds like you're well prepared - and a visitor visa for retirement is actually pretty easy to get. Keep us posted!
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