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Hi all!

Have some question on my ILR application (10 year long residence route), I have looked online and there doesn't seem to be a guidance on filling in the application, or the documents required (what is available looks very brief).

1. I have been here on multiple visas, including Student, Tier 2, Youth mobility, and unmarried partner visa. Nowhere on the application asks me to provide this detail. Have I missed it or is this correct? Should I attach some form of statement?

2. My passport with student visa was stolen, so I applied for a new passport in London, and then went back to my home country to get a new visa sticker. Will this affect my application in anyway? (I was away for less than 2 weeks while getting replacement visa)

3. My company went under when I was on a Tier 2 visa, which was then cut short. So I left the country before the end of my curtailed date, to apply for a youth mobility visa. (I was away for 3 weeks while getting this visa).

4. When answering this question:- Since you started living in the UK have you spent
time outside the UK? Does this include all of my time outside the UK such as short holiday trips? There is a limit of 40 entries, so i will need to submit an extra piece of paper if so.

5. What is the current document submission process in light of COVID? I believe I need to submit my passport..

6. Would I be required to provide flight receipts, property ownership doc, income proof etc?

7. Lastly, does anyone know when the premium service will be available again? / The normal application says it takes up to 6 months..

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