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Long list of new rules

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Hello everyone. During lunch I came across a long list of changes to immigration rules on the UKBA website, apparently just released. Here is the hyperlink:

UK Border Agency | Changes to the Immigration Rules
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They are not making this easy for those of us here on the probationary 27 month visa, that's for sure. I was checking the site two or three times a week but I can't make heads or tails out of the way they've got it set up now. I've been studying for the 'Life in the UK' test and haven't been online much the past couple weeks-I checked the site this morning and it all looks sooooooooooooo different!

I seem to recall a few weeks ago it was easier to find the pages on what to do when it was time to apply for the ILR. Maybe I need to find my oldest link in the bookmarks and see if I can figure anything out from that?
When are you applying for ILR? Here's a link that might help:

UK Border Agency | Settlement
Oh whew! That link still works! LOL, I followed the first one you posted on this thread, and couldn't find my way to the one you just posted without pulling up my bookmarks.

Feeling better now, thank-you.

I'll be applying for the ILR in May 2013.
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