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Long list of new rules

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Hello everyone. During lunch I came across a long list of changes to immigration rules on the UKBA website, apparently just released. Here is the hyperlink:

UK Border Agency | Changes to the Immigration Rules
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Thanks for sharing this list.

From the list it appears that these rule changes are for:
  • Migrants under the points-based system
  • Visitors and
  • Overseas domestic workers

Publication on "Changes affecting employment-related settlement, Tier 5 and overseas domestic workers" can be found at the Home Office Website.
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So i saw allot of scary changes to the settlement visa, Has that already changed or is it changing April 6th, As my wife is sending off her binder in a few days
Hey Coops: I don't believe there were any 'scary' rule changes for spouse settlement visa...yet. :)

In fact, as far as I understand scanning through those documents, the Family settlement visa changes are still under consideration and will be announced later this year. The only rules that are changing are focused on non-family related immigration more specifically workers and students.
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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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