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Hi All,

I purchased an apartment at the beginning of the year and have been renting it out unfurnished, It complies with the Loi Pinel as does the rental amount.

My question to the forum is

Has anyone had any experience on with completing a tax return to benefit from the law Pinel?

Is so any pointers would be appreciated. I understand I will have to submit the correct forms next May with the standard tax return.
From my understanding I would need the following;
Cerfa 2044-EB : L’engagement de location
This is the document that reflects the rental commitment of the housing for 6 years, 9 years or 12 years. It is to be written once: at the time of the 1st Pinel declaration.

Cerfa 2044 or 2044-SPE: Declaration of property income

For reporting the income from the property.

Cerfa 2042-C: Declaration of additional income
To calculate the amount of tax deduction.

Documents required;
• Attestation de propriété du lodgement (Certificate of ownership)
• L’acte authentique (deed)
• Le justificatif du règlement des frais d’acte(proof of payment of the deed)

Anything I have missed?

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