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Hello everybody,

I have accepted employment offer, Project Manager, from a company in Calgary and they applied for LMO already seven weeks ago and still no response??!!!

I am Swedish and currently working in Sweden and never worked in Canada before so my LMO application is for a candidate outside of Canada. I have B.SC of Engineering and 15 years expeience.

I do not know why LMO process in Calgary takes such a long time??!! Every time I am asking the HR of the company in Canada about the update they answer just in two words by email 'nothing yet'!!!!!!!!

Can any body advise: How long I should be waiting for this LMO to know whether it is positive or negative??!! I heard, but I am not sure it is true or not, that 95% of the LMO applications for candidates from outside of Canada are usually rejected??!! Is this true??!!
My LMO -in Alberta- took 16 weeks, and for the rest of my team has taken 14+ weeks. So far, all of them have been positive (27 altogether).

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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