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I have a long leasehold on an old town house in the old town Benidorm, I will be renovating this shortly. I will still be working in the UK and so wish to stay registered for tax etc in the UK until I retire in 5 years time when I intend to move over permanently. I currently work one week on and one week off and so as I understand it I will be able to stay a UK resident, but maybe I am wrong?

I am currently learning spanish, god it's hard at 50 to be back at school!

What I would like is some help regarding fixed costs, local taxes, electric, water, internet etc and what as a non resident, I would be required to pay.

I would be really grateful for any help and advice and I was wondering if the local town hall would be a good place to start, does anyone have experience of dealing with local officials and how helpful they are to non residents.

Thanks in advance for your help.

From what you have said it sounds very much like you will remain a UK resident - this will only change when you start to spend more than 183 days per year in Spain
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