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little help please with SA citizen life partner visa

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I have moved to SA 2 years ago and I got SA Citizen life partner visa for 3 years with work endorsement as I had a job offer as well.

I've got a new job offer and as I understand I need to change the sticker in my passport that would state that I can work for this new company. Oh and I've got married last month as well.

My question is, what should I do?

Do I just go to Bellville and take them a letter from a new employer (that they told me 2 years ago, when I asked them - what if I get a new job? And they said that I just bring in a new employers letter and that is it)

Or do I apply for a spousal visa with work endorsement with this new job offer seeing as I'm married now?? But that would probably mean that I need all the paper work and police clearance and all the other stuff? :confused2:

And I don't want to change my documents just yet (I actually can't because we don't have an embassy here in SA and if I want to change my passport I need to go in for finger prints... but I'm not planning going back home to LT this year, so I can basically forget about a new passport), so can I still apply for a spousal visa even if my documents are old with my maiden surname? :confused2:

Thank you for any help, as you see I'm confused.com
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There is a clause on section 11(6) about applying for Permanent Residence 3 months after being issued the 11(6) permit which i think people refer to as spousal permit with work endorsement. So when you got it 2 years ago you should have applied for the PR. why not look at applying for PR now instead of another 11(6)?!
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