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Hi Folks,
I hope the moderators won't mind if I post a link to a site I think many people will find interesting. It is www(dot)worldlifeexpectancy(dot)com which gives a lot of facts about life expectancy in countries around the world and also gives the causes of death in those countries.
Obviously if you are of retirement age, and are moving to a country with a average longer life expectancy than your own, it doesn't necessarily mean you will live longer than you would have done back home. However, perhaps a baby or young child relocating to a country with a cleaner environment, good food, less stressful life may well benefit from the move and perhaps live a little longer.
While that aspect is interesting, the site also gives an indication of CAUSES of death, including death by disease, drugs and alcohol related, road traffic accidents, violence etc. which may reflect the quality of life to be expected in that country, and perhaps highlight the difference between cultures. It might make for interesting comparisons between countries, or between your home country and the country you wish to emigrate to.
One fact I found interesting is that the rate of deaths associated with Alzheimers/Dementia varies (in some cases) greatly from country to country and I wonder if anyone in the scientific community is looking at why this might be so.
I hope you find this interesting !
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