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Until recently, my girlfriend worked as a waitress at a sort of bar/restaurant/cabaret that occasionally attracts a rough crowd. She says there were frequent fights.

The other night, a customer was apparently being drunk and obnoxious. As I understand it, the customer repeatedly raised a glass, demanding that she fill it and complained that the service was substandard. For some reason, she lifted the glass that the customer was holding and slammed it onto the table, causing the glass to break and cut the customer’s palm. As I understand it, there was some sort of scuffle, resulting in her suffering a minor concussion and a bruise on her knee.

She hocked a necklace to pay ฿7,000 for emergency room treatment. The customer has filed a police complaint and wants her to travel to the suburbs every day to pay for follow-up treatments costing about ฿400 and is demanding ฿5,000 compensation.

I’m sure the amounts involved would be dramatically higher in the States.

She has, not surprisingly, been dismissed. The restaurant is disavowing any responsibility in the matter.

But isn’t the restaurant responsible for the training, management and actions of their employees? Considering that altercations are not infrequent, wouldn’t the restaurant be negligent if it used inexpensive glassware that shatters easily? Shouldn’t they be insured for such incidents? Can they hang all of this on her?

She has been convinced by either the police or the injured party that if she doesn’t pay the amounts demanded, she will need to spend evenings at a police station until she complies.
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