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I have one doubt ..

I am getting 5 points from my spouse's skills for getting eligible for the PR.

Now in my spouse case , she has 3.6 years experience in a IT company and she had resigned from her company in September 2011.

During her employment with the company , she was in "Leave without pay" for 190 days.

Now in the service certificate that the company provided there is a row
stating the number of days she was on "LEAVE WITHOUT PAY" = 190 DAYS...

Till now we have applied for ACS , and they have asked for a reference in the form of a statutory declaration from a colleague in a higher position in her company ,instead of giving it on a company letter pad.

Now, I have a doubt that , when I am going to go for DIAC, is it required that I provide them with the Service certificate which states the Leave without pay details. Since the service certificate came along with a letter from the company , stating the date of which her services and duties with the company has seized(acceptance of resignation letter).

Will that suffice !!!

As according to DIAC , they need 12 months out of last 24 months into SOL nominated occupation for the spouse to get the extra points.

By providing this service certificate , will it cause more problem , since it would be difficult to prove as to when she had taken a leave in her 3.5 yrs tenure at the company.

Assuming that I will be applying for DIAC in the next one or two months.


Please advice...
Thanks in advance
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