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Hi Everyone,

Tried to look for a thread on this subject but can't find an answer - if there is - apologies for starting a new one!

My wife and I have been looking at applying for E2 investor visa; however having spoken to a few people, although it does serve a purpose to get you into the country easily - there are also a lot of drawbacks such as children "aging out" at 21 and the cost of colleges can be substantially more if you're on E2.

However it has been brought to my attention that the L1 visa could be an option as well; however I wanted to reach out to you guys to understand what your experiences were like.

We currently have a business in UK and want to emigrate to the US as my wife is looking to grow our consultancy with US clients and is in the process of acquiring them now. However; can we run our UK arm of the business remotely from US?

The E2 requires significant investment and you have to secure business premises as well as employ local American people - I don't believe the employing of Americans is a requirement for L1; but what about min investment levels and securing business premises?

Do we have to have achieve a min level of revenue in UK to show we are a company of a certain size before we qualify for a L1 visa?

Thanks in advance,
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