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Hi Everyone and Joppa
I have been a member of this wonderful forum for months now and I must confess that it is very resourceful and helpful platform. Many thanks to Joppa and other key members .

I am currently on Tier 2 (PSW) which expires by February 2014 and I intend to apply for my Spouse visa first week in January in Cardiff, and my spouse has an indefinite stay to remain.

I have few questions I want to clarify;

1 My wife and I had our legal wedding in April 2013 in the UK and had to go to Africa for the Church wedding in October 2013. I was filling the form (FRL –M) and I wanted to ask about these questions. Kindly advise what date and what ceremony can we answer to these below questions,

Question 6.22 : When and where did you marry/enter a civil partnership?
Question 6.23: What type of ceremony was your wedding/civil partnership?

2. Am I supposed to fill the section: Contact with sponsor (Question 6.5-6.19 especially 6.8 and 6.9) because it seem it relates to applicants applying as an unmarried partner or same-sex partner or just proceed to fill the section: Marriage and Civil Partnerships?. See questions below;

Question 6.8 How long have you been living together in a relationship? (Add all addresses you have lived at in the 2 years preceding this application if you are applying as an unmarried partner or same-sex partner and have lived at your current address with your sponsor for less than 2 years.)

Question 6.9 Have you lived together permanently in the UK with your sponsor since your last grant of limited leave to remain as a partner?

3. My spouse is still bearing her maiden name and intends to change it when she is due to apply for her British passport by next February. All documents still carry her maiden name. Will that be a problem since we are married now and may be expected that she changed her name to mine? Can we make the explanation about the maiden name in her sponsor letter and what reason can we give?

4. Can I confirm that the 28 days rule applies to just the financial documents like payslips and bank statements because the employment letter and contract papers are dated November 2013?, Also is it ok that we have 5 months of bank statements (July-November 2013) and intend to get last bank statement (December 2013) online and get it stamped and signed at the bank, do we still have to get a letter to confirm that the online statement is genuine too?

Kindly respond to my query as I have enumerated.

Thank you Guys!!!!
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