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Just a quick Spouse Visa Question

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I am currently writing my personal letter. So is my wife and my family

Can I type this out and sign it wet

or does it have to be handwritten


Sam & Sara
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Also on the Sponsorship Undertaking Form should I sign it or My Grandfather as he is fully supporting us

And they want a date of arrival. what to be honest is Asap. so what date should i put
Oh I was gonna send it all off today. Thank god you replied. Il have my grandfather fill it out. for some reason i thought I was the one who had to do it
Thanks Joppa. I have a few more questions. But i do feel bad asking all these questions. I hope i am not being a bother

I have been living with my grandparents the last year. and this is where me and my wife will live. but all my bank statements are addressed to my mothers house where i used to live. that is a 2 minute drive away. I just never bothered changing it as i am always there. Is this a big problem

Also with chat logs is it ok if i show like. 3 conversations a week instead of copying it all. And when I look at the chat log history. the text is there but none of it is dated. so we would have to label it. would they look at that as valid
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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