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Hi my names lee, i live in england with my wife and two children.
Thinking of emmigrating to australia.
Iam a qualified bricklayer.
first of all id like to go out ther on my own without my family to see whats about, i have heard about sponsership and wonder how i would go about this?
Is there any job centres or recruitment agencies that employ bricklayers sponsered or non sponsered or bricklaying contractors?
I would be very gratefull if anyone can help.

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Hi Lee,

Have you checked out the "please read: helpful websites....." sticky at the top of the forum page? There are links to job websites.

Also, do a search on the forum as we have a few members who are bricklayers.

Generally, it's quite difficult to get sponsorship.

Have you checked out the specifications/obligations of a sponsored visa? You'll find a link to DIAC in the sticky mentioned earlier.

Here are some other threads you might find helpful:

Bricklayer Jobs : Trades & Services Jobs : Browse JobsJobsJobs Australia
Bricklayer Jobs in Australia | Indeed.com.au
WA Bricklaying Salary Information at MyCareer

Do you know which State you want to work in?

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