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Apologies if this is a duplicate post-my search yielded no result.

My wife left her job few years back to take care of family and our child. She is interested in working again now that the kid is ready for pre-school. We have a PR so I am thinking of sending wife and kid to Australia and help/fund her study one of these:

1) Montessori/primary school teaching
2) Anything related to Lab assistant/medical imaging/para medical/record keeping
3) Any other short or long term courses that can help her get a job - banking/customer care/office administration and so on.

Are there any other similar job guarantee courses that you would suggest ? The intention is to get a normal paying job to take care of herself and the kid, with some savings potential.

She is an electronics graduate who worked in the customer support division of a multi national bank for 6.7 years.

I am looking for courses that are preferably short term (~1 year).

Thank you.
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