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Hi all

Getting straight to the point, I have a permanent job opportunity in Sydney (around Camperdown area) paying around $120k p.a. I will be supporting my wife and 3 children (2 at 3yrs old, one at 5). We will be emigrating from the UK in order to take this position up.

I've read many of the threads on this site and feel a little bombarded with all the good information!!

We will be looking to rent.

My monthly estimates of "outgoings" are: -

Phone+Broadband+TV $250
Council rates $100
Health insurance $250
Rent (around) $2,000 (looking for 4 bedrooms)
Electricity $100
Home contents insurance $100
Car tax $20
Groceries/living $500
School contributions $300 (per "year" per school)
Car $variable
Car insurance $unknown

GP visits are around $30 a visit with some refundable via medical insurance.

So firstly, am I way off the mark with any of my figures/assumptions?

and have I missed anything out?

Also, given the area the job will be in, where do you suggest are good areas to live/rent with the family?

Also, my wife is a registered childminder here in the UK, does Australia have similar service?

What are the beaches like locally?

Lastly, the company have said they would organise the VISA - based on your experience, what type of VISA would this tend to be?

I appreciate any feedback you can give me as I don't want to 'make a mistake!'.

Best Regards
LornaPaul :)
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