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Hi All,

I am new to this forum,i know this must be a basic question but i would request you to put you comments on this.

I have 5 Yrs of Exp in IT i.e in Data ware house Reporting skills.Applications
which i worked are like IBM-Cognos,Microsoft Business Intelligence(SSRS,SSAS).

Can anybody tell me under which job code i will fall in??

One of my job designation was given as Programmer/Analyst.Is it really depends on job designation or the roles we perform in our job.

Job designation depends up on company to company,so do we really need to consider job designation which they give at the time joining or on the whole roles we perform??

Do i fall under 261311 Analyst Programmer?? 2 yrs exp my company given this role?
Do i fall under 261399 Software and Applications ??

pls suggest

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