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Some further information

First of all thanks for all volunteers for there helpful information. I would like to ask some information but 1st explain my standing:
- I am Pakistan national and living in Italy for last 4 years.
- I have done my PhD and now i am working in lab as research engineer but my legal status in Italy is still Student(Temporary Permit of Stay- Validity one year)
- My fiance is from Spain and we are going to marry in October this year(Now a days we are in the process of marriage registration in Spain).
- We are planning to settled in Italy as my work (financially more stable) will be for the next three years.
- Right now she is working in Spain and will be shifting to Italy in October.
- From October onwards I will be the working hand and she intend to find job in Italy.
Following are my question:
1- Which documents i will be required to apply for Permanent residence in Italy?
2- As she will not be having a financial support and she will be staying in Italy more than three months what kind of financial security we need to show? Is my work contract with university will be enough to show our financial liabilities?

Thanks in advance.
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